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Empowering Children

Uncommon Parenting Tips with Thomas Haller

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What is Uncommon Parenting All About?


Every day in America 5,044 children are arrested. During that same day 17,297 public school students are suspended. A youth under 20 commits suicide every 4 hours. Every 60 seconds a baby is born to a teen mother. Unskilled, unconscious parents yell, spank, bribe, threaten, pout, dispense guilt, shame, order, and give children the silent treatment. Some punish children into submission with an escalating series of consequences. Others over-function by doing their kids' thinking, caring, and speaking for them. They overprotect, rescue, and do for their children until they don't know how to do for themselves. Others under-function, allowing the peer group and electronic media to raise their children. Some give children what they need excessively which turns to spoiling and feelings of entitlement.

Clearly, the state of parenting in the world is not good. As a result, parenting experts are surfacing in every corner of the globe, proclaiming to have the answers to parents' concerns. They give ideas on how to say "no" and mean it, how to take control in your own home, how to respond to whining and back talk, and address other daily issues that face today's parents. They tweak and twist the currently parenting paradigm in an effort to make parents' lives easier and get children to behave. Yet entitlement, obesity, disrespect, lack of motivation, teen pregnancy, and disconnectedness in families persist. Click here to read THE SOLUTION!